Chris Potter on Galaxstare asks,
“is Chris Potter the most extraordinary tenor saxophonist alive?” and The Guardian calls him “one of jazz’s most powerful jazz reeds-players”. Chris took time out to listen to the new Galaxstare album Listening with your Eyes and says,

Galaxstare is such a HAPPENING band. Compositions, performances all TOP NOTCH. Thank you for putting that positive musical energy out there

Make up your own mind. Listen now on the player below, and buy the album to support great music.

LIVE IN CONCERT Galaxstare feat. Richard Maegraith / Kristin Berardi / 21monks

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like Chick Corea, Maegraith is not afraid to move beyond of the bounds of whatever constitutes jazz


Returning home from Berlin, veteran Sydney saxophonist Richard Maegraith and Vocalist Kristin Berardi launch their long-awaited Galaxstare 3rd album, “Listening with your eyes”

Kristin Berardi is heralded as Australia’s greatest jazz vocalist, with the international recognition that attests to the claim. Her voice has a strength and directness from its honesty and vulnerability

Special guest hip-hop artist 21monks joins on a selection of compositions, bring his unique cross-genre experience to the mic.


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I’m thrilled to present GALAXSTARE as part of @SIMA.jazz The Energy of Jazz: NOW Program

Richard Maegraith

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Listening With Your Eyes

It’s been almost 4 years in the making and now, it’s finally here to pre-order. The 3rd album of Galaxstare, my band. It’s called Listening With Your Eyes and features 8 original compositions. A special guest on 4 tracks is beat poet/hiphop artist, 21monks

Richard Maegraith

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Listening With Your Eyes by galaxstare

Richard Maegraith – tenor saxophone, didgeridoo, bass clarinet, flute, chimes
Kristin Berardi – vocals
Gary Daley – Rhodes, organ, grand piano
Jonathan Zwartz – double bass
Tim Firth – drums
with special guest… 21monks – spoken word

It’s been an extraordinary journey from beginning to end and I think it’s the band’s finest recorded performance so far. I’m very grateful and thankful to everyone who’s dedicated themselves to making the music the priority.

I want to give special thanks to Craig Field (from Underwood Studios) who dedicated many, many hours to recording specific overdubs, mixing and mastering – all the way back in Australia while I was in Berlin.

Big thanks also to Richie Belkner who tracked the album in one day! Also Michael Avery who assisted with specific bass clarinet, percussion and flute overdubs. Thank you!! Another big thank you goes to the wonderful Sydney saxophonist Nick Bowd who lent me his beautiful Selmer tenor to record the album on since I wasn’t able to bring my own horn over from Berlin.

Thanks again for your interest and support, original music these days is harder than ever before to get heard and appreciated, so your interest and willingness to be musically engaged are a great thing!

Richard Maegraith

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Recorded by Richard Belkner at Free Energy Device Studios, November 2018 Sydney, Australia

Additional recording by Michael Avery at Weave Studio Berlin in 2019, Germany

Additional recording, Mixing and Mastering by Craig Field at Underwood Studios, January-March 2021, Blue Mountains, Australia


Richie’s Jam. Böttgerstraße, Berlin

Richie’s Jam Band plays jazz music with passion, sensitivity and the utmost musicality. Each week there are new tunes played, musical horizons reached and in the second set, the opportunity for other musicians and singers to join the band on stage for a song or two. No two weeks are the same! Join this jam session and experience the thrill. Expect damn good food and drinks, too.

5 euros entry (cash). Book Now


I aim to write, develop, record and perform beautiful music

The ensembles are many…

…yet the goal remains the same for me:

to move the listener into a realm outside of themselves, so as to experience maximum emotion through the music.

Not just connection. More.

A transcendent experience transforming the listener’s ears, mind, heart and soul to the Unseen Beauty exposed through this gift of music.

It’s not about you nor I, or even the music itself, because Someone greater than the temple is here.

I’ve studied music for as long as I can remember… then Jesus took hold of my life with His amazing grace. Since then, I know that He has gifted me to glorify His Name with music as well as sharing about His incredible love. So, I’m a pastor and a musician, living in Berlin. We minister in English und auf Deutsch.


GALAXSTARE Feat. Richard Maegraith

galaxstare is Richard Maegraith (tenor saxophone) Kristin Berardi (vocals) Gary Daley (accordion, organ and Rhodes) Jonathan Zwartz (bass) Tim Firth (drums)

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The Richard Maegraith Band

In 2008 the Richard Maegraith Band released Free Running. This band, with the same personnel, became galaxstare

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Chris Potter Acrylic on Wood, 2020

Chris Potter by Richard Maegraith


A selected discography

Here & Now 2, Maria Baptist Orchestra, 2019
InSpirit, Uwe Steinmetz, 2019
Elusive Band by Kern Records, 2019

Jonathan Zwartz, Animarum, 2017

Mike Kenny’s Lab Band, 2015

Sydney Jazz Orchestra, Nothing Personal, 2015

Jonathan Zwartz, The Remembering and Forgetting of the Air, 2013

Amphibious, Splendid Virgins, 2012

Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra, Walkabout featuring Alex Sipiagin and Bob Sheppard, 2012

Amphibious, aLive and Breathing, 2010

Amphibious, First Breath, 2009

Daryl Aberhart, The Cat Within, 2006

Selah, Eleven of Twelve, 2003

Simon Sweeney, Emerald City Blues, 2002

Selah, A Kernel of Wheat, 1997

Visual Art by Richard