Richard Maegraith is an Australian musician living in Berlin

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Free Running
Richard Maegraith Band

a time, times and half a time

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  Free Running by the Richard Maegraith Band

  a time, times and half a time by galaxstare

2019 release new album by galaxstare

Richard Maegraith.tenor saxophone Kristin Berardi.vocals Gary Daley.accordion.organ.Rhodes Jonathan Zwartz.bass Tim Firth.drums

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Richard as sideman

A selected discography

Jonathan Zwartz, Animarum, 2017

Mike Kenny’s Lab Band, 2015

Sydney Jazz Orchestra, Nothing Personal, 2015

Jonathan Zwartz, The Remembering and Forgetting of the Air, 2013

Amphibious, Splendid Virgins, 2012

Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra, Walkabout featuring Alex Sipiagin and Bob Sheppard, 2012

Amphibious, aLive and Breathing, 2010

Amphibious, First Breath, 2009

Daryl Aberhart, The Cat Within, 2006

Selah, Eleven of Twelve, 2003

Simon Sweeney, Emerald City Blues, 2002

Selah, A Kernel of Wheat, 1997


Hüpfburg [trio]

Mike Kenny’s Lab Band

visual art

by Richard Maegraith


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